Ken and Tonja Taylor are transforming the Nations of the French-Speaking World.

The Taylors have a very focused mission: turning the French speaking nations of the world upside down with the message of Christ. Stemming from Quebec they travel the French-speaking world from Europe to Haiti and in-between, launching bible schools and ministering to thousands of people every month.

They approached David Wildman to help them with their ministry brand that will become a tool for their international platform.

Ken already had a firm idea, which can often present a creative challenge but on this project, it proved to be “just what was needed”.


Project Details

New Branding

Often churches and ministries gravitate to obvious symbol choices for their logos such as a globe, cross, etc.
While these symbols have deep meaning to most of us they are overused and don’t help organizations stand out from the crowd.

Ken Taylor had a concept in mind and came with some ideas that helped as a jumping off point. The desire to keep it simple and memorable was honored and we developed a circle representing the earth with half of it pointing in the reverse direction – reflecting the name of the organization.

The “globe” is the ‘o’ of the word Nations and the degree symbol reflects the dot on the ‘I’ to round out the concept.

The design has been well received and the mark has been a great asset on social media channels.


Working together

This project was a positive example of a fruitful collaboration between the clients and us, the design agency. Even though the client had a firm idea on fonts, colors and concepts, they came to the table with an open heart and mind and provided excellent feedback.

In addition, nations180 needed some flexibility in the timeline and with budgeting of the project, which offered a great opportunity for further and effective communication. 

Ken & Tonja Taylor are excellent leaders with a wonderful vision and we are thrilled to play a small part.

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