First Baptist Church of Estero, FL

Fueled by the desire to revamp the visual elements of the well established church in beautiful Southwest Florida, Pastor Frank Brand and his team are taking bold steps in the future. This project started at the beginning of 2019 and is expected to be completed soon.

The scope of work includes a complete update and re-design of all brand elements (new logo, office collateral, website, and more).

The cornerstone of First Baptist Estero is their friendliness, family-feel and strong bible-based teaching.

In the words of one of the deacons: “we want our outside appearance reflect the quality of ministry happening on the inside”.

ChurchRebrand by WildmanDesign is honored to be a part of this wonderful journey to a fresh new look for a thriving congregation.


Project Details

New Branding

First Baptist Estero lacked a clear brand strategy and used multiple looks in various places. The existing logo was rather outdated and un-defined. 
A new and fresh look was created and the staff picked a very forward thinking design concept that features an abstract interpretation of the letters “F” and “E” arranged next to each other, with a cross at an angle visible within the negative space. The color palette is fresh and modern and it’s paired with a versatile sans-serif font.

New Website

The current website is a by-product of the churches’ CRM platform and only offers very limited capabilities. Mobile-friendliness is limited and the update process is cumbersome. 
ChurchRebrand by WildmanDesign is outfitting First Baptist of Estero with a brand new website built on the popular WordPress platform that is responsive in its design, flows with the new branding and gives the staff an easy way to keep it updated. 

In house designs

Along with the online presence comes the need for the redesign of all elements used in house, for services, correspondence and marketing. The list is growing of things that need a new design, from small door signs to outdoor markings. For a consistent look, a strict brand book is created that gives clear directives for color, font and brand application so that at the end of the process it all serves one purpose: to reach more people for God.

Other Solutions offered with this project:

Content Writing

As Christians we know the value of words, but often neglect to invest the time it takes to craft our content in a way where it meets people where they are at in life and speak and language they understand. ChurchRebrand helped FBE write their online content in an approachable way.

On-site consulting

David Wildman is visiting with the team from First Baptist Estero on a regular basis to ensure the project meets their expectations and that all the pieces of the puzzle come together correctly. These one-on-one times are vital to the success.

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